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Massacre in the Dark Forest – Alec Gallerani

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216 A.D. is the year of Rome’s dramatic defeat by Hannibal at the Battle of Cannae. In the same year, in the Litana Forest, in the Po Valley: Rome faces another “problem”…
We’re in 216 A.D., but we’re also in the present day. In a small village in the Po Valley, not far from Bologna, Laura possesses a rare ability: by simply touching an object she can summon up its distant past from the mists of time. Every night she is assailed by horrendous nightmares. Her gift only brings her anguish, which is why she doesn’t want to use it.
Gianrico, her ex-lover, a penniless archeologist, immerses himself in his work partly in an attempt to forget her, but deep down he is unable to resign himself to losing her. In a different time-span, but in the same place, a terrible violence unfolds: a massacre in the dark depths of a forest.
An epic battle, over which history has drawn the veil of “damnatio memoriae”, its only trace a brief passing mention by Livy. A tragedy in the LITANA FOREST, whose distant echo brings horror to the present…
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