Black (this pain)

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Sterile is the Sound of Thunder,
Void is the useless hunger.
I feel like I were a joker on a stage,
A mesmerized beast in a cage;
Like I’m sleeping a neverending night,
Lost alone, in the silence of light;
Grey is the shade I fear,
Grey is the pain I hear.
Floating softly
Lustful lukewarm
Flashes on the water (now)
Emotions without a form
A growing sweetness
Like a shame to hide
A secret movement
A desperate love inside
This Pain is darkness, it’s (the) Silence that deafens
This Pain is secret, it’s buried in the sand
This Pain hurts silent(ly) and bleeds my sins
Can(t) you hear the silence,
Can you hear the rain?
Can(’t) you feel the sorrow,
Can you feel again…
This Pain is water (now) that drowns me in
This Pain is flame that burns in me
This Pain hurts silent(ly) and bleeds my sins
Lethargic, buried in the sand,
(I) cannot reach the helping hand.
I’ve lost the way and I’m going astray,
Like a candle slowly burning away.

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