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Here you can download the reader for .epb file. This program doesn't need any installation, simply download it, copy it in your program folder (or where you want), double click, select an .epb file and that's all. We suggest you to choose this program as default reader for .epb extension.

EXE PC version (1.1 - aggiornata il 6/4/2005) PC: e-paperback reader.zip (112 kb)

(particolare del menu principale)

(particolare della barra di scorrimento pagine)

JAVA version (1.00.4 +JSpeech) PC / MAC / LINUX: epaperback.jar (84 kb)

Note: for Java version you need Java runtime JAVA 2 1.4 o later (download it from www.java.com).
To run epb java reader, if you don't have any automatic relation for .jar file, open a dos prompt and type
java -jar epaperback.jar

For this first release with Java Speech please remember that you need an external speech engine (i.e. FREETTS, that's free, multiplatform) and that you can to config the classpath in order to make it visible for jar file.
If you choose FREETS, for instance, copy epaperback.jar in the lib folder and type something like this:

javaw -classpath ''freetts.jar;jsapi.jar;epaperback.jar'' epaperback.Main

Our reader will choose italian or english voice depending on the content of the book, or english if italian is not present as speech engine choice.
To hear the text simply press S (or select the correct menu voice). Once done the program will start reading and it will be ''frozen'' till the page will be completely processed.

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