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What is it?

You mean Instant EBuilder, don't you? Instant EBuilder is a program that generates e-paperback files in a quick way - starting from few information, a RTF file (for text) and a JPG file (for cover).

Which RTF features are supported by Instant EBuilder?

Well, good question. Instant EBuilder RTF import filter support normal text features for normal e-books request: font name and size, paragraph basic formatting, page breaks, bold, italic and few more. It supports footnotes too. Notes: filter is limited. It can't handle well every RTF files - if it's full of styles and so on. It's better you give it a try - to be sure it fits your file request.

Which RTF features are NOT supported?

Well, two for all: tables, that are not supported by e-paperback engine, and then images in text - that, on the contrary, ARE supported by e-paperback engine.

What do I get if I register?

Simply a registration key. You register with paypal. We ship you an email with that registration key - that you can use inside the program to unlock the full features (no section limits, no size limit per section).

Just that?

Nope. Or yes. It depends. If everything goes fine you got just one registration key - but you will be able to use it in any of the following updates till 2008. If nobody cares about this program, maybe they'll be just one or two. If a lot of people registers, they'll be a lot more.

If you're so cool, why these pages are not on FiveToMidnight site?

It simply a matter of time. KULT Virtual Press is Marco Giorgini main activity (but his work, but his life and so on) so it's been simpler to start this thing here. Where we can link our free ebooks. But remember that KULT Virtual Press, and FiveToMidnight are not the same things. The difference is the same that there is between Instant EBuilder and e-paperback engine. 5212 creates software (free or shareware) - while KVP creates free e-books, using that software.

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