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Über Gallery introduces Paolo Consorti

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Paolo Consorti in Australia

Melbourne Art Fair 2006

2nd – 6th August 2006

Über Gallery is introducing Italian multimedia artist Paolo Consorti at the Melbourne Art Fair 2006.

Consorti’s short film “Dentro le Segrete Cose” (The Secret Things Within), a piece recently commissioned by Artsinergy will be his inaugural exhibition in Australia. The film will be presented together with a selection of digital images on canvas, taken from the film and reworked by the artist.

Consorti’s intoxicatingly sensuous and cutting edge contemporary art is influenced by the late-medieval paintings by Brughel and Dante’s “Divine Comedy”, where he analyses the devilish, the sensuous and the absurd. His imagination feeds itself on contemporary fairy tales, fantasies, anxieties and proceeds from there to look for the fragment of the Absolute in the contemporary world. He invents new archetypes, setting up points of contact between the remote and primordial past and the now. He traces themes such as sex, nature and religion through history, as they represent the only constant reality in life.

On “Canto Terzo”, he comments: “I have been interested in Dante’s Comedy since my early childhood. I find its complexity and at the same time its simplicity extremely contemporary. Good and evil, and Man in the middle, with his indifferences and his perverse fantasy. The most important artists in history represented the human tragedy and Dante’s Comedy is one of these great works…

“In my film Man is lost but there is no sense of tragedy. The atmosphere is obscure, but there is no violence and no perdition… people run infinitely in circles, others stay in cages and in every cage there is a stereotype of the present: a soldier, a terrorist, a footballer and so on… like animals in a zoo… locked in by their nature and obstinacy. It is a metaphor of reality and the human condition. Nature plays its rule: the sky is black and always moving, the land unsteady, space like an abyss, inferno is the temporality…”

Consorti constantly heightens normality. He observes writing as well as objects and clothing, landscapes, colour and pattern. He works to prove that every realism has the potential to overcome possibility. However, what is still necessary is the proper iconographic tension where art can take responsibility for its own beauty.

What: Paolo Consorti (IT)

Where: Über Gallery, stand 18, Melbourne Art Fair, Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton VIC www.ubergallery.com

When: Wed 2nd August 7pm – 10.30pm, Thurs 3rd 11am – 7pm, Fri 4th 11am – 9pm, Sat 5th 11am – 7pm, Sun 11am -5pm

For further information, images or interviews please contact:

Charlotte O’Brien or Anna Pappas on: (03) 8598 9915 or info@ubergallery.com

Über Gallery is committed to art unlimited’, art without borders of any kind. The gallery represents and exhibits the work of established international and Australian artists actively contributing to contemporary art discourse and promotes the work of gifted emerging artists who possess the potential to do the same.

About Paolo Consorti

Paolo Consorti was born in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy in1964. He studied at Accademia di Belle Arti, Macerata. In 1991 he started his artistic career with a solo exhibition at Palazzo Ducale, Urbino. He is no less a painter than a director of picture arrangements, which are fully staged. He photographs real people, builds models that he then photographs and combines these images into one complete picture, which he then tints by hand, thus translating it into the medium of painting.

Consorti has had solo exhibitions in Turin, Rome, Milan, Bologna, Urbino and Latina in Italy, Minneapolis, New York in USA, Hamburg, Berlin in Germany, Tokyo in Japan and group exhibitions in Italy, USA, Czech Republic and Switzerland. His works are in various collections including the Pigozzi Collection in Switzerland.

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